Vitor Azevedo

Vitor Azevedo

Vitor Soares de Azevedo

Born in 1982 in the North of Portugal


Vitor loves technology, cats and his guitar.

In Astrology, he’s Capricorn sign which should mean that he is:

  • Practical
  • Disciplined / methodical / organized
  • Prudent / cautious / careful
  • Ambitious / focused
  • Trustworthy / dependable / reliable
  • Serious
  • Self-reliant / independent
  • Steadfast / persevering / stable
  • Persistent / dedicated
  • Hard-working
  • Rational / reasonable
  • Responsible
  • Shrewd / wise
  • Aloof / businesslike
  • Tenacious
  • Self-critical
  • Traditional / conventional
  • Career-oriented
  • Authoritative
  • Competent
  • Strong

Ideal Careers

Suitable occupations often cited are – any capacity of authority, doctor, lawyer, accountant, politician, teacher, principal, engineer, farmer, anything math related


Romance, loyalty, feeling secure, financial/material stability, ambitious mates, feeling committed, making long term relationship plans, dependability, reliability, perseverance.


Flightiness, being bossed around, crudeness/coarseness, dominance, game playing, ego displays, extravagance, being challenged by a lover, indecisiveness.


Vitor has a major in Economics from the Oporto Faculty of Economics.


He works in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) area for Lodestone Management Consultants since October 2010.

He currently works as an Assistant Consultant on Accenture Portugal.



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